Upcoming Projects

Some of the upcoming projects are:

1.) Solar panels at the Wastewater Plant.

2.) Complete collection system mapping.

3.) Becoming an Accredited Laboratory.

4.) Installing new Effluent Valves at the WWTP.

5.) Repair Clarifier #2

Completed Projects

Since 2017 we have completed the following projects:

1) Construction of a second clarifier.

2) Rehab on the Traveling Bridge Sand Filter. This treats the wastewater for use as irrigation water on the Sea Ranch Golf Links.

3) Implementing new monitoring equipment to be compliant with Title 22 Waste Discharge requirements.

4) Road leading to the plant.

5) Pond #1 repair.

6) Installation of new Influent, Sand Filter, and Effluent flow meters.

7.) SCADA Upgrade.

8.) 80' Tower for Internet use and Radio Communications for SCADA System.

9.) Sewer Lift Station Rehab

Current Projects

The current projects GCSD is working on are:

1.) Working with the SWRCB on updating our new waste discharge permit for the Wastewater Plant.

2.) Lab Accreditation

3.) Expansion Grant for Zones 3 & 4.