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  Gualala Community Services District (GCSD) is a special sewer district located in the southern section of Mendocino County. GCSD goal is to protect public health and the environment by providing a safe and effective wastewater collection system, treatment, and water reclamation. In 1986 the State Water Resources Control Board and the County of Mendocino approved the formation of the Gualala Community Services District (GCSD). GCSD consists of four service zones. Currently we only service service zones 1 & 2. GCSD is in the process of obtaining a planning grant from the State's revolving fund in order to provide services to zones 3 & 4 and possibly create a zone 5, which would allow GCSD to service past Bower Park. If you would like a copy of the proposed grant and what it entails use the following link: 

In 1993 The GCSD Wastewater Treatment Facility was completed. Currently GCSD receives its wastewater from Service Zones 1 & 2 of Gualala and the North portion of Sea Ranch. The treated wastewater is used for irrigation on the Sea Ranch Golf Links. Because the water is used for irrigation it must be treated to the highest possible standards. GCSD treats and disinfects its wastewater to a tertiary level. This level of treatment ensures public safety and meets all required standards set forth by the State Water Resources Control Board. 

The collection system here in Gualala is not a traditional collection system. Each resident has a septic tank, but there are no leech lines. Instead of having a leech field the effluent side of the septic tank is equipped with a pump that pumps the gray water from the septic tank to the collection systems main lines. From there the water travels through various lift stations and eventually travels to the Wastewater Treatment Plant where the water is treated to a tertiary standard, which meets Title 22 requirements. The water is then used as irrigation on the Sea Ranch Golf Links. 

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